Revocation of the Prize of the XIV edition of the Bruno Zevi Prize

9 Jun, 2021 | Iniziative 2020,

The members of the jury of the 14th edition of the Premio Bruno Zevi have unanimously decided to propose that the Fondazione Bruno Zevi declare the victory invalid and, consequently, revoke the recognition previously awarded to the essay “Revisiting Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Alvar Aalto’s Connections: The Creative Process as a Broadening of Individual Freedom”.

The reason for this difficult decision is: the aforementioned essay was published in December 2020 in the Swiss magazine ENQ (link )

Therefore, the Commission as a whole considers that Article 3 of the 2020 Competition Announcement has not been respected, since it explicitly states: “The essay must not have already been published”.

The wording of the article was judged to be unequivocal, as the following Article 5 specifies: “The award consists of the publication of the essay in the publications of the Fondazione Bruno Zevi and the invitation to hold a conference in Rome on the occasion of the award ceremony”.

All this implies, in our opinion, that competitors undertake not to publish their essay until the conclusion of the jury’s work and the final proclamation, and especially not before it is published by the Fondazione Bruno Zevi.

Deeming the behaviour of the author to be in breach of the rules of the announcement, damaging to the reputation of the Fondazione Bruno Zevi, and unfair to the other participants, the Commission holds that there are grounds for the revocation of the award to the winner Marianna Charitonidou.

The Commission of the 14th edition of the Premio Bruno Zevi: Daniela Esposito, Iolanda Lima, Massimo Locci (Coordinator), Manuel Orazi, Andrew Shanken

The jury of the 14th Bruno Zevi Prize, on february 3rd 2021 awarded the Prize to Marianna Charitonidou.

Rome 07.06.2021