Bruno Zevi – Dialogues on modernity – Celebrating the centenary of his birth: 1918-2018

Mar 15, 2018 | News Centenario

The Call for Papers promoted by the Triennale di Milano intends to gather doctoral dissertations, and published and unpublished historical and critical studies that examine the figure and work of Bruno Zevi. In particular, the Call intends to promote the entire work of Bruno Zevi, bringing together his critical commitment, as an art and architecture historian, and his educational work as the founder of Metron and of L’Architettura – Cronache e storia, together with his professional life as an architect who worked and formed ties with his contemporaries, as well as his civic commitment as a politician and promoter of social struggles.

One constant aspect of his work was his interaction with modernity, in which he aimed to grasp a new dimension in the complex, diverse forms in which it appeared, and that became a key feature of his critical contribution and his visio of contemporary phenomena. He did not impose an interpretation of this but rather opened up a process of assimilation and perception of the stimuli that he brought about by his ability to see, and to teach others to see something more than architecture, thus introducing a unique method of criticism. The Call for Papers considers the content of these various positions and intentions as its own, promoting the broadest possible discussion of them through the works of scholars.

The materials that are received and selected will form the basis of workshops on the subject, to be held as part of an international conference entitled Bruno Zevi: Dialogues on Modernity, to celebrate the Centenary of the birth of Bruno Zevi, which will be held at La Triennale di Milano on June 12, 2018.

Deadline for submission: April 15th, 2018